Care for the quality of the products

The secret is the use of nontoxic products, that protect the nails in time, without the need of healing breaks, as was needed before.

  • Our tools are made from japanese steel, which removes the problems that come with the higher temperatures sterilization
    Every client has her own sterile tools kit, eco materials, sterile files and brushes.
  • Our products are made exclusively in the UE, from high quality ingredients, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty free, thermic and mechanic nonagressive, acid free, fair traded.


A comfortable, perfectly hygienic and logistically
simplified manicure

  1. Preparing the manicure kit and work surface;
  2. Cleaning the hands with disinfectant spray;
  3. Filing the top of the old nail polish;
  4. Wrapping the nails with acetone free remover;
  5. Using the special non aggressive tool to remove the nail polish;
  6. Filing and shaping the nails;
  7. Applying cuticle remover and cutting them with the nipper;
  8. Deactivating the cuticle remover;
  9. Buffing the nails;
  10. Dusting and cleaning the nails;
  11. Prepping non acid prep solution;
  12. Applying rubber base and curing it;
  13. Coating and curing nail polish for 30 sec twice;
  14. Sealing with a top shinny or matte
  15. Whipping with alcohol based cleaner;
  16. Nourishing the cuticles with organic oil;
  17. Admire a superb manicure.
  • The gel polish cures on a new generation LED lamp that minimizes the exposure time to 30 seconds and has different curing modes so the burning sensation during this time won’t be an issue anymore. Also, the absolute complete curing assures shine and resistance like never before.
  • We are using medical appliances for tools sterilization, in conformity with the European standards. The process includes two steps: the chemical step, done in an ultrasound bath and the heating step done in a high capacity medical oven with all the tools placed and sealed in individual sterilization bags.


You can pay cash or with credit card

  • 90 Ron gel polish manicure
  • 60 Ron classic manicure with treatment
    (This one can also be served to gentlemen.)

Your nails deserve a special treatment.
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